The War-zone of the Mind with Bfrandon Bays

€ 64,90

In the struggle to distract ourselves from our own pain we create conflict internally and externally. We tell ourselves stories, create fear and doubt, judge ourselves and others - then we dobattle with our own mind-talk and compound the whole struggle.

In this rich and powerful live-recorded Satsang Brandon invites us to STOP entertaining the projections of mind, and penetrate the lie of its story. She leads us directly into the Peace, the Love that is in the core of all emotional and physical conflict

Including profound process work, This CD is an inviation to dive deeply into the Stillness of Being that is always here, always availbale. It is an invitation to 'become the change' we wish to see reflected in the outside world.

Warning: This CDincludes meditative processes which are only suitable for use when it is safe for you to sit in q quiet place with your eyes closed, not suitable for use when driving or operating equipment or machinery.