Brandon Bays, International author, speaker and mind-body healing expert, narrates her powerful worldwide best-seller, The Journey - An extraordinary guide to healing your life and setting yourself free.

Follow her personal and remarkable story of healing from a tumour from which she was pronounced  perfect after only 6 1/2 weeks. The profound original process of self-healing, pioneered by Brandon, has since then freed hundreds of thousands of people throughout the globe from lifelong emotional and physical issues. She shares the deeply transformative techniques in this unique audio book.

The journey guides us directly to the root cause of any longstanding difficulty and then gives us the tools to finally and completely resolve it. The powerful, life-changing work creates remarkable profound and lasting results. Chronic pain simply vanishes. anxiety, depression and sexual blocks disappear. Self-esteem, grief and anger inssues dissolve, addictions fall away and illnesses resolve and heal. With practical, jargon-free and easy-to-use techniques Journeywork, as discribed in this audiobook, enables you to: 

  • Strip away years of emotional and physical blocks
  • Tap into yhour own inner genius
  • Live your life as an expression of your highest potetnial
  • Experience the boundless joy within
  • Become truly free

Brandon Bays is one of the most innovative and cutting-edge teachers in the field of mond-body healing today and offers her profound work of healing and awakening in seminars worldwide.

Relax , listen and let Brandon guide you into the boundless presence of freedom that resides within us all.

In the struggle to distract ourselves from our own pain we create conflict internally and externally. We tell ourselves stories, create fear and doubt, judge ourselves and others - then we dobattle with our own mind-talk and compound the whole struggle.

In this rich and powerful live-recorded Satsang Brandon invites us to STOP entertaining the projections of mind, and penetrate the lie of its story. She leads us directly into the Peace, the Love that is in the core of all emotional and physical conflict

Including profound process work, This CD is an inviation to dive deeply into the Stillness of Being that is always here, always availbale. It is an invitation to 'become the change' we wish to see reflected in the outside world.

Warning: This CDincludes meditative processes which are only suitable for use when it is safe for you to sit in q quiet place with your eyes closed, not suitable for use when driving or operating equipment or machinery.

In this exquisite new series of inspirational meditations Brandon Bays guides you within, into that place of deep quiet and restful stillness. Much loved by meditation aficionados throughout the world, Brandon's meditations are known to be some of the most powerfully healing and transformational ones available today. the newly recorded Healing Sand and digitally re-mastered Healing Breath meditations compliment the unveiling of two new profound meditations. Softly Opening into Presence and Healing Shower.

This work goes into the being, into the cells and lets the body know it can rest, relax and begin to create change. Whether you're feeling stressed, tired, or just that you'd like to trake some quiet time for youreself, these meditations are ideal to add to your daily routine.